Facade Cladding Works

1) Laser Cut Sheet Coatings

Plates are prepared in CNC laser cutting machine according to the desired visual shape. KvG Proje solves its production processes in-house. Aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel are used as material type. Material thicknesses are determined according to the project drawing and static calculations.

2) Expanded Sheet Coatings

Expanded mesh panels consist of pressing the aluminum sheet of the thickness determined in accordance with the static requirements at the desired intervals (pitch) and desired dimensions (eye spacing) and giving the final form by pulling. Mesh application can be preferred for ventilation, shading and decorative purposes, it can be connected to the front of the catwalk and directly to the facade construction.

3) Perforated Metal Coatings

Perforated metal, which can be produced from many metal materials, especially aluminum and steel, is an exterior material that changes in permeability and aesthetic properties with the hole diameter that changes in line with the needs of the customer. It is a beautiful and stylish alternative to standard façade materials on façades where permeability is desired but visually polluted.

4) Aluminum Composite Coatings

Composite boards with the highest application percentage as deaf surface coating are divided into groups as A2, B1 and B2 in terms of fire classification, apart from color and pattern groups. The fact that it is a light coating material, its application is practical and economical compared to other alternatives are among the main reasons for preference. Composite sheet application, which has many domestic and imported brand alternatives, can be applied on silicon-filled, open jointed, iron or aluminum construction, individually or inside the facade system.