KvG Proje can apply the systems of well-known companies producing aluminum joinery systems in the world, as well as design and manufacture aluminum joinery systems that have all the features required by the rules of building physics and comply with national and international quality norms valid in all countries where it operates.

1) Classic Joinery

Aluminum joinery has hundreds of color and texture alternatives, water and air impermeability performance values, thermal insulation performance, acoustic insulation, static strength, fire resistance, etc. It is far ahead of its competitors in many aspects. With the quality of accessories, it can provide trouble-free service for many years. Aluminum joinery, which is generally divided into two as heat-insulated and non-heat-insulated, offers heat barrier alternatives in different widths and alternative series suitable for regional climatic conditions. High clearance needs, fire resistance, burglary security, bulletproofing, acoustic demands, etc. has special solutions in line with the needs.

2) Sliding Systems

Aluminum joinery is the joinery solutions with the most sliding system alternatives. It has a wide range of products such as low heat and water performance but economical simple slides, lift & slide joinery with very high insulation values, pull & slide joinery that can offer sliding and transom opening together, and Ecoslide slides that have emerged as a high performance alternative.