Railing and Stairs

1) Metal Railings

It is a system in which the carrier pillars are pipes, profiles, laser cut special plates. In this system, pipes, profiles, tension ropes and rods, expanded sheet metal, perforated sheet, laser cut special motifs are used as security panels in accordance with the architecture. Stainless steel 304-316, galvanized steel, Painted steel, aluminum are used as material type.
  • Pipe System
  • Profile System
  • Tension System
  • Expanded Sheet
  • Perforated Sheet
  • Wrought iron products
  • Laser Cut Special Motifs
  • Aluminum Systems
  • Handrail

2) Glass Railings

Glass Railings are used on balconies, stairs, terraces, pool partitions, gallery spaces, villas. They provide an uninterrupted appearance in the places where they are used, as well as providing comfort. By using steel and stainless together with glass, perfect designs that suit the space are made.
  • Glass Railing Systems with Strut Carrier
  • Point Holder Glass Railing Systems
  • Glazed Railing Systems with Recessed Profiles

3) Stairs

We offer the possibility of producing in a classic, modern, design, very contemporary or more industrial style, from steel, stainless steel and aluminum, indoors and outdoors. We offer different weld-level finishes for your stairs: refined weld, sanded weld, visible weld. We also offer different types of veneers, raw steel steps, wooden steps, glass steps